West Slope Guide is your guide to area businesses and valuable offers in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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West Slope Guide is Grand Junction's guide to area businesses and valuable offers. It is direct mailed to up to 30,000 homes in Grand Junction and its surrounding communities, with no subscription required.

Local residents would love to learn about your products and services, and we help you create incentives that will get them in your door.

Reach Beyond Your
Current Customer Base

With West Slope Guide's regional reach, you'll be able to offer incentives that will help you convert more local residents into new regular customers.

Convert more local residents into new regular customers.

Low Cost &
High Performance

Direct mail has been proven in countless studies to be one of the most effective ways to market your business. However, its high cost and complicated nature have placed direct mail marketing out of reach for most business owners.

By sharing the costs of direct mail with dozens of other local businesses, you can reap the benefits of direct mail at a small fraction of the price.

One Grand Valley.

Three Terrific Options.

West Slope Guide can deliver your promotion throughout the Grand Valley to an incredible 30,000 homes! Or you can choose to promote to 15,000 homes on a more hyper-local scale by choosing to be part of just our West or East mailings. New issues are mailed out every other month to both areas.

West Slope Guide can deliver your promotion throughout the Grand Valley!

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A Publication of Table Mesa Design

West Slope Guide is a direct-mail magazine developed by the husband and wife team of Table Mesa Design, Tim and Kim Dohrman. We are proud to deliver a high quality, affordable and useful direct-mail resource featuring local businesses from Colorado's Western Slope. Table Mesa Design has been proudly serving the Western Slope of Colorado since 2014 with a goal of marketing local small businesses.

Tim is our Art Director and Advertising Sales Manager. He was raised in the Tampa Bay area and earned his Bachelors degree in Communication Design at Metro State University in Denver. He has nearly 25 years of design experience and has been an entrepreneur specializing in small business marketing since 2008.

Kim is our Project Manager. She grew up in the Grand Valley and earned her Bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration at Metro State University in Denver. Prior to working with Tim full-time, she spent over 15 years in healthcare marketing and project management.

Our family of four shares a love of basketball, mountain biking, hiking and road trips and is actively involved in our local church. We love all that Western Colorado has to offer!

Tim Dohrman

Kim Dohrman

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