Step 1:
Choose Your Target

We hand-select postal routes throughout the Grand Valley that include households with the disposable income to purchase your product or service.

Simply choose from three distribution choices:

West Grand Valley

15,000 top-income homes in
Appleton | Fruita | Loma
Mack | Redlands


avg household income

East Grand Valley

15,000 top-income homes in
Clifton | Fruitvale | Grand Junction
Orchard Mesa | Palisade


avg household income

West & East Grand Valley

30,000 top-income homes throughout the Grand Valley

Step 2:
Choose Your Issue

Frequency in advertising is key to keeping your customers coming back. Starting in 2019, new issues of West Slope Guide are delivered every other month to both the West and East markets simultaneously.

2019 Delivery Schedule

January 25/26  •  March 15/16  •  May 17/18
July 12/13  •  September 13/14 • November 15/16

The Friday/Saturday delivery dates above are approximate and subject to change. Ad space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Purchase ad space for a given issue no later than 2 weeks before the delivery dates shown above. Coupons and offers are typically valid for 6-8 weeks.

Step 3:
Choose Your Wow Factor

Why send out just one direct mail postcard for your company when you can advertise in multiple issues of the West Slope Guide for much less?

West Slope Guide issues measure just over 6.5" wide and 9" tall.

2019 Ad Sizes

Front Cover Ad
6.625" wide x 6.2" tall

Back Cover Ad
6.625" wide x 7.2" tall

Full Interior Page
6.625" wide x 9" tall

3/4 Page
6.25" wide x 6.5" tall

1/2 Page
6.25" wide x 4.25" tall

1/4 Page
6.25" wide x 2" tall (horizontal)
3" wide x 4.25" tall (vertical)

Please call 970-623-3178 for pricing details & special offers.

You're building a successful business in Grand Junction, Colorado. West Slope Guide helps you build it. Let's work together.

You’re building a successful business.

West Slope Guide helps you build it.

Let's work together.

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